Module Series

Module Series
  • Low power consumption in monitoring mode, high stability.
  • Easy installation, either single module installation or several modules installed on a special mounting bar. Implanted type gang box is available to suit the decoration design.
  • The Modules is designed with separate input and output contacts to decrease the difficulty of moving external wiring.
  • Control Module QA17-B is designed to control input & output for all kinds of systems. (fire alarm, smoke evacuation, sprinkler, foam, winding door... etc.)
  • Output module QA17-A can directly connect with power source. The output voltage from N.O. & N.C. will be the same as input voltage.
  • Monitor module QA17-K is designed to monitor security condition, such as water supply, pump. action ... etc.

Model QA17-K QA17-B QA17-A QA17-H
Type Monitor Module Control Module Output Module Isolator Module
Purpose Confirmation of external signal Input & Output for all systems Supply higher current such as evacuation Isolate from control unit when external fault
System Connected Receive activation signal from external device Series with conventional detector Series with QA17-B Series with all system zone
Input Source Activation signal Loop signal 24VDC/ 110VAC/ 220VAC Zone short circuit
Output Contacts/ Load N/A 1 in 2 out COM .N.O.N.C. 1.5A@30VDC COM .N.O.N.C. 4A@30VDC, 2.5A@250VAC N/A
EOL Resistor 10kΩ 10kΩ N/A N/A
Address Coding Binary Binary N/A N/A
Ambient Temp. 0oC ~ +50oC
Material Fire-proof plastic
Color Green
(mm) HxWxD
55x27x16 60x76x31