QA01 QA05 QA06

Addressable Detectors

Addressable Detectors
  •   QA01 Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector
  •   QA05 Addressable Combination Smoke & Heat Detector
  •   QA06 Addressable Heat Detector
  • Latching function helps to identify alarm device clearly and quickly.
  • Address coding by dip switch makes the job easier.
  • Magnetic test feature makes maintenace easy and simple.
  • Non-loosening screws on base terminal for easy installation.
  • Detector is made of high endurance, solid and colorfast Fire-proof plastic.
  • Detector has passed strict EMC test, which greatly eliminates fasle alarms caused by interference from nearby sources.
  • Dual LEDs for 360-degree visibility.

Model QA01 QA05 QA06
Address Coding Binary
Alarm Current DC26V 6mA
Standby Current DC26V 850uA
Sensitivity Setting Comply to EN54
Ambient Temperature 0oC ~ +50oC
Thermal Setting N/A 58oC 58oC
Dimensions (mm)
Dia. x H
102 x 48 102 x 54 102 x 47
Weight 130g 130g 115g
Material Fire-proof plastic
Color White