New Product: 3V and 9V Battery Operated Detectors

Please note our residential use detectors are being launched:

NQ3S and NQ3F: 3V long-life lithium battery operated smoke/heat detectors.
NQ9S and NQ9F: 9V carbon zinc battery operated smoke/heat detectors.

You may fine more information here :

  New Product: QP Series Fire Alarm Control Panels

Please note our new conventional fire alarm control panel - QP112 (1 zone), QP212 (2 zone) and QP412 (4 zone) has launched with advanced design and incorporates the market demands to give a great capacity and easy operation features.

You may fine more information here :

  Q01, Q05 and Q06 Detectors with EN/CPD Certificated

Please be informed that Q01 Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Q05 Combination Smoke and Heat Detector and Q06 Heat Detector have been with EN/CPD Certificated.

  AH-03127 Electronic Sounder and Beacon with IP 44 Outdoor Type EN/CPD Certificated

Please note that AH-03127-S and AH-03127-BS Electronic Sounder and Beacon have been upgraded to be with IP44 Outdoor Type EN/CPD Certificated.

  AH-0817 Resettable Manual Call Point with EN Certificated

Please note that AH-0817 Resettable Manual Call Point is now with EN Certificated

  AHMB-071 New Mounting Base

Please be informed that the new mounting base - AHMB-071 with ideal appearance and function will substitute for AHMB-061 of detectors - Q01, Q05, Q06, AH-0621, 8011, AH-0715 and 8016 from April 2011.

You may refer AHMB-071 catalogue for more details.

  New Product : New Series of Detectors

Please note that we are launching a new series of detectors - Q01, Q05, Q06, AH-0621, 8011, AH-0715 and 8016 - which are high quality, compact looking and easy to install and maintain. Just click Products for more details.