Contact Email Address Notice

Please kindly be informed our new contact email address will be as following:

It is legal and available address to reach us which served by the reliable internet company to improve the quality of our future business and service. All other contact information will remain exactly as before

  Notice of Changes in Mechanical Rate of Rise Heat Detector

Please be informed the original use of alloy air equalizer in our Mechanical Rate of Rise Heat Detectors will be replaced to glass tube from August 2017. The advantages of using glass tube can avoid humidity, reduce oxidation and stabilize the ventilation function. Glass tube can also expel non-fire heat to avoid false alarm.

  New Product: 3V and 9V Battery Operated Detectors

Please note our residential use detectors are being launched:

NQ3S and NQ3F: 3V long-life lithium battery operated smoke/heat detectors.
NQ9S and NQ9F: 9V carbon zinc battery operated smoke/heat detectors.

You may fine more information here :

  New Product: QP Series Fire Alarm Control Panels

Please note our new conventional fire alarm control panel - QP112 (1 zone), QP212 (2 zone) and QP412 (4 zone) has launched with advanced design and incorporates the market demands to give a great capacity and easy operation features.

You may fine more information here :

  Q01, Q05 and Q06 Detectors with EN/CPD Certificated

Please be informed that Q01 Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Q05 Combination Smoke and Heat Detector and Q06 Heat Detector have been with EN/CPD Certificated.

  AH-03127 Electronic Sounder and Beacon with IP 44 Outdoor Type EN/CPD Certificated

Please note that AH-03127-S and AH-03127-BS Electronic Sounder and Beacon have been upgraded to be with IP44 Outdoor Type EN/CPD Certificated.

  AH-0817 Resettable Manual Call Point with EN Certificated

Please note that AH-0817 Resettable Manual Call Point is now with EN Certificated

  AHMB-071 New Mounting Base

Please be informed that the new mounting base - AHMB-071 with ideal appearance and function will substitute for AHMB-061 of detectors - Q01, Q05, Q06, AH-0621, 8011, AH-0715 and 8016 from April 2011.

You may refer AHMB-071 catalogue for more details.

  New Product : New Series of Detectors

Please note that we are launching a new series of detectors - Q01, Q05, Q06, AH-0621, 8011, AH-0715 and 8016 - which are high quality, compact looking and easy to install and maintain. Just click Products for more details.