Multi-Purpose Combination Heat Detector

Multi-Purpose Combination Heat Detector

  • Special chamber design has greatly decreased dust levels and improved detection accuracy.
  • Dual LEDs for 360-degree visibility.
  • Advanced technology enables this detector to increase its precision in fire detection, improve signals to avoid noise interference and thus reduce unwanted false alarm.
  • Low current consumption that allows more detectors to be used with each control panel.
  • Dual contacts on the base which enhance the connecting stability between sensor and base.
  • All bases are fitted with a shorting spring to permit maintenance without disconnecting when removing the detector head.

  Multi-purpose Resettable Type

This unit has designed for relay output feature with optional individual power source and it has been used widely in the current market. This resettable detector is not only use as a fire alarm system but will also supervise input power via an optional relay output for power breakdown or wire break. Fault relay contact will open when power breakdown occur and fire alarm signal will transmitted to connected system or computer terminal when detector is activated. When the alarm signal is absent the detector will automatically return to standby status. Optional built-in buzzer can sound a warning at the first sign of fire. This detector is currently used quite often in security systems and is also promoted for use in communications, banking, shipping or the art business.

Model AH-0316-2 AH-0316-3 AH-0316-4
Voltage Range 12 ~ 30V DC
Standby Current
@24V DC 470Ω
Under 45μA
Alarm Current
@24V DC 470Ω
30mA 35mA 40mA
Thermal Setting 58oC
Response Grade Comply to EN54, Grade 1
Ambient Temperature -10oC ~ +55oC
Material Fire-proof plastic
Dimensions (mm)
Dia. x H
102 x 58
Weight 145g 147g 160g
Color White

  Order information

AH-0316-2 2-wire
AH-0316-3 3-wire with remote indicator output
AH-0316-4 4-wire with relay output
  Specifications (Resettable)
Model AH-0316-S
Alarm Current 35mA
Standby Current 30µA
Voltage Range 12V DC
Weight 157g

  Order information (Resettable)

AH-0316-S + Relay Output

  Effective alert area

Construction / Height Under 4M 4M ~ 8M
Fire-proof Building 90 M2 45 M2
Ordinary Building 50 M2 30 M2