Prevention From Fraud

In views of global fraud activities run wild, please beware of phishing email for identity theft, these often direct you realistic-looking but fake information set up to steal your trust and finance. We hereby clarify that we have ONLY ONE account name : HORING LIH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. in Taiwan. The bank and financial institution changes will not send you an email. Do not trust such emails.

Contact Email Address Notice

Please kindly be informed our new contact email address will be as following:
It is legal and available address to reach us which served by the reliable internet company to improve the quality of our future business and service. All other contact information will remain exactly as before.

New Products :

3V and 9V Battery Operated Detectors
NQ3S and NQ3F: 3V long-life lithium battery operated smoke/heat detectors.
NQ9S and NQ9F: 9V carbon zinc battery operated smoke/heat detectors.

You may fine more information here :